This FAQs cover the list of questions that are asked most often from our clients. Our team of expertise redefines our clients’ evolution by providing an interactive enquiries’ platform to answer your questions.

If you have any enquiries that are not addressed in the FAQs, you may contact us for further clarification. Please note that these FAQs are subject to change according to current update(s).



Does Mocaz Financial Markets allow scalping?

We do allow any trading strategy, including scalping.

What does leverage mean?

Leverage is the ratio of a margin amount to the borrowed amount: 1:100, 1:200, 1:300. 1:100 leverage means that, to open a trade, you should have 100 times less amount than the amount of a trade. In Mocaz Financial Markets, you may choose the leverage from 1:1 to 1:300.

What is the maximum you increase in spreads during volatile markets?

It is impossible to give a fixed maximum as it entirely depends on the market. Spreads are usually higher during important news announcements or in volatile markets.

Does Mocaz Financial Markets offer Rollover (Swap) free accounts?

In Mocaz Financial Markets, all account are swap free/rollover free/Islamic account by default.

Why I can't see/trade all symbols in the Market Watch window?

The number of symbols you see is set up in your platform settings. In order to extend the quotes list, please right click on the Market Watch window and select "Show all symbols".

Why I can’t see the position which executed in trading chart?

In Market, we provide two type of instrument which are Trade Able Instrument and View only Instrument. Those view only instrument could be identified by their grey color and without dot (.) at their back. The rest are Trade Able Instrument. If you want to see the position which are executed in trading chart, please open the instrument with dot (.) at the back. For example EURUSD. / GBPUSD. / USDJPY. etc.

Is Mocaz Financial Markets a dealing desk?

No, all trading orders are executed automatically, execution is STP (Straight-Through Processing).

Do you guarantee the execution of stop losses?

Mocaz Financial Markets guarantees the execution of Stop Loss orders. However, during fast markets or gaps, there is probability of a large slippage.

What is Equity Protection?

The equity protection functionality provides traders with control of risk of loss. Traders are given the possibility to automatically close all positions beyond a certain equity drawdown level.

How much margin is required to place a trade?

The amount of margin required to place a trade depends on which currency pair you are trading. If the currency pair starts with USD then it would simply require $200 margin for 1 mini lot trade, or $2,000 margin for 1 standard lot trade. If the currency pair does NOT start with USD then you would take the base currency, and find the pair that is matched with USD. Take the current price for that pair which is matched with USD and move the decimal to the right 3 spaces. This will tell you the current margin requirement for a 1 standard lot trade. Move the decimal to the right 2 spaces, and this will tell you the current margin requirement for a 1 mini lot trade, etc.

For example: If you are trading the USD/JPY it would require $200 margin for 1 mini lot trade. If you want to trade the EUR/USD and the current price was 1.4642 then you would move the decimal to the right 2 spaces and the margin required for 1 mini lot is $292.84. If you want to trade the GBP/JPY and the current price of the GBP/USD is 1.6281 then you would move the decimal to the right 2 spaces and the margin required for 1 mini lot is $325.62.

What is the difference between the balance and the equity that appears on my trading platform?

The balance illustrates your closed positions’ Profit/Loss while the Equity is the real time calculation of Profit/Loss i.e. taking into account both open and closed positions.

Why can I not trade anything?

Ensure that you have logged in using the trader password and not investor password.

When will I receive a Margin Call Liquidation?

You will receive a margin call liquidation once your Margin Level percentage reaches 100% or lower. Your margin level percentage is the last number listed on your balance bar at the bottom of your platform.

The calculation for this is:(Equity/Margin) x 100 = Margin Level Percentage

You will receive a margin call liquidation when the equity in your account is equal to the margin you are using in your open trades.

Example: Balance: 1,000.00 Equity: 997.00 Margin: 100.00 Free margin: 897.00 Margin level: 997.00%. From this example, the client is using $100 for margin. The client will receive a margin call liquidation when the equity falls to $100 or lower.

Does Mocaz Financial Markets allow trader using Expert Advisor and Script?

Our platform supports such functionalities. There is no restriction on using any Expert Advisor and Script, unless it is manipulating the MetaTrader 4 itself.

Why wasn’t my Take Profit not triggered, while the chart reached the price I had set?

Please note that Sell positions are closed with the Ask (Buy) price. The price the chart showing is the Bid (Sell) price, which is lower than the Ask price. You need to add the spread to the price that you see in the chart in order to get the Ask price.

Is there any possibility of spread widening during the weekend?

Yes, there is a possibility of spread widening during the weekend because of the off market days and low liquidity.

What is a CFD?

A CFD is a contract for Difference. A Contract for Difference is a type of derivative that gives you the exposure and ability to the value of a financial asset (metals, Forex, futures) without the need to physically own the asset. CFD trading gives the trader the upmost flexibility in trading allowing you to trade a huge range of markets, without risk, and anonymously.

Trading Account

How do I open a SmartVault and an account trading?


  1. To open a real SmartVault, click the ‘Register SmartVault’ button in Mocaz Financial Markets website. The registration form will first prompt you to enter all necessary account information. Once you finished your registration, an e-mail Verification will be sent to your email.
  2. The e-mail provide confirmation of your successful registration and it will prompt you to activate your SmartVault by clicking the link provided.
  3. After that, you will be directed to SmartVault page (apps.mocaz.com). Please enter your username and password.
  4. To register for a live trading account click on the blue ‘Open Trading Account’ icon on the trading account page.
  5. Then, you can select on the account type you want to open (Micro, Basic, Premium, and ECN) from the navigation menu, and finally, select the leverage that you desire to use.

How long does it take to verify a new SmartVault?

It depends on how quickly you can provide us with the required supporting documents. After you complete the registration, usually it takes 1 to 2 business day to verify your account after you submit ID or Passport and Proof of Residence Documents. If you do not get any reply within three working days, please send an email to [email protected] to check if we have received your documents.

My SmartVault is not verified, is that why I did not receive TAC code?

No. Unverified SmartVault only restricting you from withdrawing your MyVault fund. You might not receiving TAC code due to incorrect phone number registered. Please contact us at [email protected] or reach us via our live chat.

What types of trading accounts does Mocaz Financial Markets offer?

We offer four different trading accounts to suit your needs. All account types provide access to our complete range of financial products and all trading platforms:

  • Micro: minimum deposit $ 10, maximum deposit $ 100.
  • Basic: minimum deposit $ 100, maximum deposit of no limit.
  • Premium: minimum deposit $ 250, maximum deposit of no limit.
  • ECN: minimum deposit $ 500, maximum deposit of no limit.

What is the minimum amount to open an account?

The minimum amount to open a Micro Account is $10.

Does Mocaz Financial Markets offer a free practice account?

Yes, we offer demo trading account for a period of 14 days from last login, so you can practice before you open a live account.

Can I open an account with Mocaz Financial Market if I live in Unites States?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to open accounts for US residents at this time.

Can I open more than one SmartVault?

Yes, you can but with different phone number and email.

How many trading account can I open under one SmartVault?

You may open many trading account under one SmartVault as per wish.

Can I use the same e-mail and same phone number to open a new SmartVault?

No. E-mail and phone number can only be used once. System will prompt error message of "This email has already Registered with us!" when trader trying to register with the same e-mail and phone number.

Can I do internal transfer between my all trading account?

Definitely. You may transfer all your fund from trading account under the same username through Manage Vault system.

Can I transfer funds from my trading account/SmartVault to the trading account/SmartVault of another client username?

No, it is forbidden to transfer funds between different clients’ username accounts.

How do I change my trading account leverages?

You can change leverage by Login to your SmartVault. Then click Trading Account. In this page, you can see change leverage for your trading account.

Why does my Micro account change to Basic account?

Based on the company policy, any Micro trading account that exceed 500% growth, the company have the right to change it to Basic trading account without any prior notice.

How do I change my trading account password?

  1. Open your Mocaz Financial Market MetaTrader platform.
  2. Go to Tools > Options > Choose ‘Server’ page.
  3. Click ‘Change Button’.
  4. Key in your current password & new password.
  5. Click ‘OK’.

Trading Platform

How do I change my trading platform’s password?

  1. Open your Mocaz Financial Market MT4 platform.
  2. Go to Tools > Options > Choose ‘Server’ page.
  3. Click ‘Change Button’.
  4. Key in your current password & new password.
  5. Click ‘OK’

Is MetaTrader iOS compatible?

Yes, our MetaTrader is iOS compatible.

How do I Iog into my MT4 trading platform?

If you are an MT4 user you can log into your terminal from the menu at the top left of the screen. Click “File” and go to “Login”, a new box will appear prompting you to enter your login ID, password, and the server your account has been assigned to.

What are Mocaz server?

For real account, please choose Mocaz.com-Live and for demo account please choose Mocaz.com-Demo

How long does the demo account last for?

Mocaz Financial Markets demo account last 14 days.

What are the spreads on MT4?

Spreads vary depending on the prevailing market conditions; you can view our minimum and average MT4 spreads by clicking on this link: Our Product Range

How do I create a new order in MT4?

There are a number of ways to open a new position in the MT4 terminal.

First you must decide whether you wish to place a market order or a pending order. A market order is an instruction to open a position at the current market price; a pending order is an instruction to open a position when an instrument reaches a certain price predefined by you..

Market orders can be placed in all of the following ways:

      Click the ‘New Order’ button on the ‘Standard’ toolbar > select ‘New Order’ from the ‘Tools’ dropdown menu > press F9, right click an instrument in the ‘Market Watch’ window > Select ‘New Order’, or double-click an instrument in the Market Watch window. Any of the above options will open up the ‘Order’ window.
      From here you can adjust the parameters of the position you are about to open. ’Symbol’ allows you to change the instrument. ‘Volume’ sets the size of the trade (lot). You can also set stop-loss and take-profit values from here. In order to avoid re-quotes at times of high volatility you can check the ‘Standard Deviation’ box at the bottom of the order window. This allows you to set a pip-range that is acceptable to you if the market price deviates from the price you clicked at.
      From here you can click ‘Sell’ to open a short position at the current bid price, or ‘Buy’ to open a long position for you at the current ask price. In order to place a pending order follow the same steps as above but change the ‘Type’ setting from ‘Instant Order’ to ‘Pending Order’. Once this is done, a new dropdown menu will appear, and from here you can specify whether the pending order you are about to place will be a buy limit, sell limit, buy stop or a sell stop and set an expiration for it by checking the appropriate box and setting a date.

Can I access my MT4 account from different computers/devices?

Yes. You can access your MT4 account from different computers at the same time, including the mobile version.

Why I cannot enter my order into MT4?

This may be for a few reasons: You may not have sufficient margin in your account to cover the position you are trying to open. The market price may have changed since you put the order through, if you have set a maximum deviation the difference was greater than the pip-range you specified. In these instances you will receive a re-quote. Your stop-loss and take-profit levels have been set too close to the market price. MetaQuotes has developed a newer version of the trading platform, MT5.

Why isn't Mocaz Financial Markets offering the newer version?

MT4 and MT5 have different strengths. The MT4 platform allows scalping and hedging, which is highly popular, whereas the MT5 does not allow scalping or hedging. Technical indicators and Expert Advisors from MT4 are also not compatible with the new MT5 platform.

Why has my pending order not been executed?

This may be due to not having enough funds to open the position once the pending order has been triggered. It could be that your specified price has not yet been reached. For pending SELL orders, the BID price must reach your specified level, for pending BUY orders, the ASK price must reach your specified level.

Is all trading accounts are allowed to use Expert Advisor (EA)?

Only Basic account is disable for EA. The account is disabled EA to prevent AutocopyTrade duplication without following the Trader.

How do I close a position in MT4?

For an open position to be closed manually you must locate it in the MT4 ‘Terminal’ window. From here you can right-click and select ‘Close Order’, or double-click to bring up the ‘Order’ window and close it from there. If you have set valid stop-loss or take-profit levels your order will be closed automatically when the market price reaches either of the levels you have defined.

Why is the ‘Modify’ button greyed-out when I try to set stop-loss or take profit levels for an existing order?

You have either placed your stop-loss or take profit levels too close to the current price, or you have set them on the wrong side of it. Be aware that unlike long positions (buy orders) when setting stop-loss levels for a short positions (sell orders) the stop loss must be set higher than the current market price and take-profit levels must be set lower than the current market price.

Where can I find my account balance and trade history in MT4?

  • Trade: displays your account’s balance, equity, margin, free margin and margin level as well as any open positions (above these details) and pending orders (below them).
  • Account History: provides you with a complete breakdown of all the orders you have placed including the date and time, type, size, instrument, price at open, take profit and stop loss levels, price and time of close, swap fees and profit.
  • Journal: provides you with a list of all the actions you have taken on your MT4 terminal as well as their time and date.

Can I export my trade history from MT4?

MT4 makes it possible for you to create a trade history report and export it as a separate HTML or EXCEL file. To do this log into your MT4 terminal, click on the ‘Account History’ tab at the bottom of the ‘Terminal’ window. From here you can right-click anywhere inside this window and select ‘Save as Report’, a new window will open prompting you to specify a save location, click ‘Save’ to complete the procedure.

How do I place a pending order in MT4?

Pending orders can be created from the same ‘Order’ window in which market orders are placed. In order to place a pending order change the ‘Type:’ from ‘Instant Execution’ to ‘Pending Order’. Once this is done you will be given the option to place buy limit, sell limit, buy stop and sell stop orders, as well as setting their limit price and expiry date and time.

How do I modify or delete a pending order in MT4?

In certain situations you will need to alter the parameters of a pending order you have placed, or delete it completely. This can be done by locating the order in the ‘Terminal’ window at the bottom of your MT4 screen, currently open orders appear above your account details, whereas orders that have yet to be executed appear below them. Right-click or double-click on the order you wish to modify or delete, in the popup menu that appears click ‘Modify or Delete Order’. This will bring up the ‘Order’ window. From here you can change the price at which the order is triggered, as well as the expiry date of the order, you can also set stop-loss and take-profit levels, or delete it entirely.

Deposits and Withdrawals

What methods can I use to deposit funds into my SmartVault?

Mocaz Financial Markets clients can choose one of the following payment methods to fund their trading accounts:

  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • Local Depositor
  • RegularPay

How can I obtain your bank details?

Please log in to SmartVault with your account username and password, and then click to ‘Deposit’ through Bank Wire transfer. Once you have filled in the required information, you will receive a Bank transfer form by email which will include all bank details necessary for you to process your payment.

Do you charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals?

We do not charge any commission for depositing or withdrawing via bank wire transfer, however, please be aware that you may be charged by any banks involved in the process. For Visa, MasterCard and co-Branded credit/debit cards, have a fee of 3.25%. Neteller transaction are charged by Mocaz Financial Markets according to their own fee structure.

What are the Local Depositor exchange rates?

Local Depositor's Rate for Indonesia's Client will be adjusted to IDR 13650 per $1.00 Deposit and IDR 13150 per $1.00 Withdrawal. Effective 21st November 2016 00:00 GMT+8. We will review and make adjustment to the deposit/withdrawal rate every calendar month to match with the market movement.

Why has my Credit/Debit Card deposit been declined?

There are a number of reasons for why your credit/debit card may have been declined. You may have gone over your daily transaction limit or exceeded the card’s available credit/debit. Alternatively, you may have entered an incorrect digit for the card number, expiry date or CVV code, please verify that these are correct. Also make sure that your card is valid and has not expired. Finally, check with your issuer to make sure that your card has been authorised for online transactions and that there are not any protections in place that are preventing us from charging it.

How long my fund will be credited into my SmartVault?

Mocaz Financial Markets handles all transactions the day they are received, however, transaction time also depends on the processing time required by the depository Bank. For Bank Wire Transfer and Credit/Debit Card, normally it takes 3-5 business day. For Neteller and Local Depositors, within 24h period.

What is the minimum recommended initial deposit?

Our minimum initial deposit for trading with Mocaz Financial Markets is $500 for MT4 traders. However, you may deposit as little as 10USD at a time.

My Trading Coach already approved my deposit request, but I still didn’t receive the fund in my SmartVault?

You will receive the fund only after both your Trading Coach and Mocaz Funding Department approved the transaction requested.

Should I verify my SmartVault in order to make deposit/withdrawal?

For withdrawal purpose, your SmartVault need to be verified first in order to make withdrawal. Meanwhile, there is no need to verify your SmartVault if you want to make any deposit. However, we recommend you to verify your SmartVault as soon as possible for withdrawal purpose.

How do I withdraw funds from SmartVault?

To withdraw funds, please log into SmartVault and make a withdrawal request. To do this click Withdrawal tab button on the sidebar. Our finance department will receive your request and proceed within 24 hours timeline.

I have issue to make withdrawal via Local Depositor. I used to make deposit via Local Depositor, Credit/Debit Card and all methods available. How should I proceed now and what is the process?

Kindly be informed that in this case, you firstly need to clear all the deposit amount previously made via e-currency (Neteller/Credit/Debit Card). Once completed, then you can make the withdrawal via Local Depositor. The exact amount that need to be deducted for each e-currency method could be calculated via Transaction History in SmartVault.

How to withdraw my AutocopyTrade profit?

AutocopyTrade profit will be transferred to AutocopyTrade Vault automatically, then you have to transfer from AutocopyTrade Vault to MyVault. Once the profit credited into MyVault, you can proceed the withdrawal and will be processed within 24 hours timeline.

How to withdraw my own trading profit?

You have to manually transfer your profit from trading account to MyVault. Click SmartVault tab, then you will see Manage Vault box. From here you will be able to transfer funds between your Vault and trading accounts. Select the account that you want to choose to withdraw (transferring to MyVault), key in the amount, request TAC code and finally click proceed button. Once the profit credited into MyVault, you can proceed the withdrawal and will be processed within 24hours business days.

Does Mocaz Financial Markets accept transfer funds from third parties?

No. Mocaz Financial Markets only accepts transfer funds from accounts that carry the same name as the client’s.

What are the costs involved in withdrawal using Bank Wire?

Mocaz Financial Markets does not charge fee for a standard withdrawals. However, any fees will be deducted directly by the Banks from the amount requested to be transferred.

Can I withdraw fund if I have open positions/pending order?

Yes, you can. However, you will not be able to withdraw an amount higher than the free equity calculate by the system on your account. Also, if you withdraw most of your free equity, please bear in mind that the risk of seeing your open positions being stopped-out increases, due to less margin available.

Is there a minimum amount I am allowed to withdraw?

No, you can withdraw any amount you wish. However, considering that fees will be charged by other Banks involved in the withdrawal process, it makes sense to request a withdrawal for a sensible amount: Our recommendation is not to request a withdrawal of any amount less than USD 100.00 (or equivalent).

Can I withdraw my fund using different method to how I deposited my SmartVault (e.g. : Deposit via Bank Wire and withdraw through Neteller)

You are not allowed to withdraw your fund using different method to how you deposited your SmartVault. If you deposited via wire transfer, you can ONLY withdraw via the same method, which is wire transfer.

Mocaz Finance Department already approved my Withdrawal request using Local Depositor, but I still haven’t receive the fund in my bank account?

You will receive the fund only after Mocaz Finance Department approved the transaction requested.

Affiliates Commission Program

What type of Affiliates commission program that Mocaz Financial Markets offer?

Mocaz Financial Markets offer two types of affiliates. First as a Master Trading Coach/Trading Coach and secondly as a normal trader/agent/introducer/referrer where they will enjoy the affiliate commission on every single trade executed by your networks, limited to 3 levels, and depend on your network.

How to register with affiliates program?

In order to register with Mocaz Financial Markets affiliate program as a Master Trading Coach/Trading Coach, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. For normal agent / introducer / referrer for Mocaz Financial Markets, you can get you affiliate link in client SmartVault after you have complete your account registration.

Are all trades executed by my network will be counted as my affiliates commissions?

Yes, all trades from your network will be counted as affiliate commission.

How can I check my commission?

You can check your commission under My Commission Area in SmartVault.

What is the minimum withdrawal allowed to transfer commission to my vault?

The minimum withdrawal allowed is 10 USD.

What benefits of reward is offered to partners?

Under this program, for a normal agent/introducer/referrer for Mocaz Financial Markets shall be entitle to enjoy either 0.1 or 0.2 or 0.4 pips for each closed trade that their referral client makes.

Case example: Trader A is in your network an executed a trade. If trader A is directly under your affiliate network, you will gained 0.4 pips Affiliate Commission on every single trade executed by him. If you located above two level of him, you will gained 0.2 pips Affiliate Commission and 0.1 pips Affiliate Commission if you located above 3 level of him.

As a Regional Official, you will gained maximum affiliate commission in case Trader A directly registered under your link!

As an Introducing Broker, you will gained fixed pips affiliate commission in case Trader A directly registered under your link! And the rest will be gained by your Regional Official.

AutocopyTrade® & ACTR

What is AutocopyTrade®?

This is RTC’s most powerful features. It enables you to experience what real people are trading in real-time, search and connect the traders you like the most, and finally Autocopying their trading activity by simply select AutocopyTrade® or also known as ACTR (Auto-Controlled Trade Replication) system. It will enable you to replicate a professional portfolio management by building a real people-based portfolio.

How to perform AutocopyTrade®?

  1. Simply select your preferred traders from “Search” bar or “Top Ranking”. These features allow you to sort various traders’ performances according to your RTC rank, risk tolerance, experience, percentage gain and traders’ Autocopy activity. Click on your preferred Trader profile.
  2. Predefined your AutocopyTrade® setting, and click AutocopyTrade® button to submit.
  3. You will be redirected to your *SmartVault® e-wallet.

*Traders need to have a SmartVault® e-wallet with minimum deposit requirement before you can start AutocopyTrade®.

What is an ACTR system?

ACTR or also known as Auto-Control Trade Replication system is an Autocopy trade system that enable the investor to replicate their desired Trader’s trade with a full control. It comprises ACTR account type, customizable amount invested by the investors, Position Sizing and ACTR protective system.

What are the risk to perform AutocopyTrade®? How can we minimize them?

It is always a risk when it comes to Financial trading. However, with the introduction of our ACTR’s protective system; it gives a full flexibility for the Investor to adjust the AutocopyTrade® according to their risk tolerance.

  • Max Lot: setting allow the Investor to pre-set the maximum lot to be executed throughout the Autocopy. Max Lot value must be in between 0.01 to 200.00 Lot.
  • Max Drawdown: setting allow the Investor to pre-set a maximum loss the Investor willing to risk. Max Drawdown value must be in between of 20-90%.
  • Time-Freeze: setting allow the Investor to freeze any autocopy trades within a specific time period.
  • Invalid Lot: setting allow the Investor to enable any order that fill below the minimum lot size with a lot size fixed at 0.01.

*Time-Freeze is not available until further notice.

How is position sizing being calculated?

Position Sizing allow Investor to have a complete flexibility and full control of their Autocopy trading. It comprises of Passive, Aggressive and Stop mode. Deposit made by the Investor, or what we called NET DEPOSIT (ND) will act as a margin to replicate the Trader’s trades.

  1. FULL setting: allows the Investor to executed the trades with the full amount of lot size traded by Trader.
  2. FIXED setting: allows the Investor to fixed the executed trade with the fixed amount determine by the Investor prior to Autocopy.
  3. DYNAMIC setting: permits the Investor to multiply their Trader’s Lot size by 2 or divide by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.
  4. AUTOSCALE setting: allows the Investor to allocate their account balance to be copied in percentage. The percentage option varies from 100%, 70%, 50% and 30%. The formula to determine the Investor’s executed Lot size is:

    • Investor’s balance / Trader’s balance * lot size Trader
    • For example, if the Investor with an account balance of $1000 choose to AutocopyTrade® with an Autoscale 70% setting while the selected Trader has $5000 account balance and execute 0.50 Lot trade, the Investor’s lot size will be calculated as follow:
    • 70% of Investor’s balance = $700
    • Example: $700 / $5000 * 0.50 = 0.07 Lot
  5. Target by Growth: allows investor to pre-set a specific growth target at the incremental value of 10% before the ACTR position size execute at Passive, Aggressive or STOP setting. STOP allow investor to unfollow the Trader’s trade while Passive and Aggressive will be executed as below:


What are the differences between Investor and Trader?


*The minimum capital required in order to perform ACTR.

What is the best ACTR position sizing to choose?

There are 4 ACTR position sizing which are predefined set up. These settings allow Trader to set an optimized executable trading Lot Size regardless of the size traded by the Traders. User may choose which position sizing suits their preferences.

  1. FIXED setting enables Investor to fix the Lot Size being executed to their Trading Account. It is designed to duplicate a Trader which trades the same instrument consistently. For example, a trader which consistently or 99.9% of time trade Crude Oil at the lot size of 0.01-0.05 range, may attract an Investor which prefer to follow on a fixed lot size of 0.03.
  2. FULL setting enables Investor to duplicate the exact amount of Lot Size executed by the Trader. It may not be suitable with an Investor account, which has a different investment capital with the Trader’s capital. Therefore, Investor are strongly recommended to only use the Full setting with the same deposited capital or higher margin acquired compared to the traders. The setting is generally design to duplicate an automated trading made by the Trader using an Expert Advisor (EA) or commonly known as Robot Trading.
  3. DYNAMIC setting allows Investor to define the lot size further by multiplying or dividing the Lot Size traded by the Trader. It allows the Investor to adjust and re-adjust the Lot Size dynamic due to the constantly changing of Trader’s account capital.
  4. AUTOSCALE setting enables Investor to duplicate Trader’s position which automatically calculate the best Lot Size to be executed base on margin usage percentage derived from scaling both Investor and Traders’ account trading balance. It is strongly recommended for new user.

NOTE: It is advisable for you to consult our authorized Trading Coach for assistance because each Trader may apply a different risks tolerance and trading strategies.

How to select the best Trader to be autocopied?

Users are given the option to select traders from the Traders’ sorting – based on his/her performance, to choose the best Trader and starts AutocopyTrade®. It is advisable to consider the performance of the Trader based on their RTC scoring and further evaluate their statistical parameter on the Advanced Statistics page.

How is the ACTR AutocopyTrade® profit sharing being distributed?

The profit that you gain will be divided into AutocopyTrade® Profit Sharing condition. This process is Auto-Withdrawal™*. 100% out of the Investor profit gained from AutocopyTrade® will be distributed to:


Please note, any changes on Profit sharing distribution is allowed only ONCE a month.

How will the profit sharing be withdrawn?

Auto-Withdrawal™ referred as “AW” in Metatrader4 terminal's history (Comment). This withdrawal only applies to Investor's TRADING ACCOUNT when a profit positions closed greater than net deposit, ND. Auto-Withdrawal™ is 100% automated, maintained by Mocaz Financial Markets Ltd.

  • For self-trade made by the Investor, the profit sharing will NOT be distributed based on the profit sharing system. Therefore, the losses incurred by the Investor due to self- trading will affect your Net Deposit balance while any profit accrued will be 100% withdrawn to the Investpr. Self-trading will be referred as “Manual Open” in Metatrader4 terminal’s history (Comment) while Trade Order by Trader will be referred as “actr”.
  • In the event of “Partial Cut” by the Trader, the ACTR order will be automatically closed in FULL lot position.

Traders for ACTR1000 and ACTR3000 are given an option to enable or disable Auto-Withdrawal™.

How frequent RTC system updates the data?

Real-time update as of the recent transaction.

Why I couldn’t find my trading account in the Ranking list?

We only display the overall Top 10 traders based on the following criteria:

  • Only active traders will be listed.
  • Only account trading ACTR3000 that exceeds $2000 will be displayed.
  • Only account trading ACTR1000 that exceeds $500 will be displayed.
  • Only account trading ACTR300 that exceeds $100 will be displayed.
  • Only account trading that achieve the highest gain in percentage, most copied and highest scoring will be listed.

What will happen if Investor wish to end-contract (unfollow) his/her ACTR investment?

It is advisable for Investor to monitor and manually close all open positions before you end the contract with the current ACTR investment.

Shall you disregard the situation, any running AutocopyTrade positions made by the Trader will be *automatically closed by the system.

*IMPORTANT: In case of any dispute, the decision taken by the management of Mocaz Financial Markets Limited will be final and binding.

Mocaz Card

What is a Mocaz Card?

Mocaz Card is a debit card for Mocaz clients. It is secured to your Mocaz SmartVault for easy withdrawals. It is also accepted as a method of payment wherever you see the UnionPay logo.

How can I deposit funds into my Mocaz Card?

Your Mocaz Card can be funded by bank in the fund into our Beneficiary Bank Account. Just login to your Mocaz SmartVault and click Reload Card. Then key in your Mocaz Card Number and reload the amount. Please note that UnionPay Card will charge 2.00 USD or minimum 1% (whichever higher) of your amount for their service charge.

How can I order a Mocaz Card?

You can order a Mocaz Card from your Mocaz SmartVault. Simply log in and click the Mocaz Card widget located beneath the Overview widget on the left hand side of the page. Kindly be advised that only clients who have activated their Mocaz SmartVault and have minimum Vault’s balance of USD30 are eligible for a Mocaz Card.

How do I activate my Mocaz Card?

As soon as your Mocaz Card is approved, you will receive an approval email. In order to activate Mocaz Card you are required to login to your SmartVault and click on Activate Card to fill in your last digit card number and then click on Submit. Then you are required to reload minimum USD10 into your Mocaz Card. Once these steps have been completed your card will be activated.

How long does the process take once I have ordered my Mocaz Card?

Provided we have the correct documentation to proceed with your card approval, please allow 2 - 21 working days for the card to arrive at your delivery address. The time taken may vary according to your location. Please ensure the Shipping Address is complete and correct for smooth delivering process.

How much does Mocaz Card cost?

When registering for your Mocaz Card you will need to have a minimum SmartVault’s balance of USD30. This is also include delivery charges of the Physical Card to your delivery address. Monthly fees will be charged upon your application for the Mocaz Card.

I have forgotten my PIN, what should I do now?

Please contact us via Live Chat or e-mail to [email protected] to log the report. Details needed for the report are your Full Name, Username, Mocaz Card Number, Registered e-mail, Registered Phone Number and your Security Answer.

Note: There is a USD10 processing fees and USD5 up to USD10 courier service charge customer need to bear, and the process will take up to 14 working days. Alternatively, customer can request for card transfer, new card and card to card transfer fees will be charge and this will take 5 working days.

Is Mocaz Card available for all clients?

For the time being, Mocaz Card is only available for clients from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei.

Is there a minimum and maximum deposit for my Mocaz Card?

The minimum deposit for your Mocaz Card is USD10 per day and maximum deposit is USD 10 000 per day. In a month, the maximum amount that you can reload is USD30 000.

What is the maximum balance for a Mocaz Card?

The maximum balance for a Mocaz Card is USD30 000.

What is the maximum amount for ATM daily withdrawal?

The maximum amount for ATM daily withdrawal is USD20 000 per month and USD2000 per time. However it is also depends on your bank allowable limit.

What currencies can I have my Mocaz Card in?

Our Mocaz Card is currently available in USD only.

What if my Mocaz Card is lost, stolen or swallow by ATM machines?

Please contact us via Live Chat or e-mail to [email protected] to log the report. Details needed for the report are your Full Name, Username, Mocaz Card Number, Registered e-mail and Registered Phone Number.

Note: No new card will be replace, and fund have to transfer to new card. New card and card to card transfer fees may charge on customer. Need to order a new card and the card number will be different. The cost for one new card is USD 12.50 and fund transfer fee is USD2.70 per transfer.

What will happen if I decide to cancel my Mocaz Card?

If you decide to cancel your Mocaz Card you will need to withdraw the balance from your Mocaz Card first. You may withdraw it manually from ATM machine. Lastly, send an email request to [email protected] informing them that you wish to cancel your card and we will proceed accordingly.

Why has my request for a Mocaz Card been denied?

The USD30 fee needs to be automatically deducted from your Mocaz SmartVault before your Mocaz Card is approved. If your request has been denied then you may not have sufficient funds in your account. Please deposit funds into your Mocaz SmartVault and try again. Another reason could be that as a new client you have not supplied the correct documentation, or as an existing client we have documents on file for you that are out of date.

When will my Mocaz Card expire?

Mocaz Card are valid for a period of 2 years from the date of issue.

What happens if I do not use my Mocaz Card? Will it be deactivate?

No, it wouldn’t be deactivate. Card will be deactivate until it reaches expiry date. However, you will be charge for the monthly charges unless you wish to deactivate or cancel the card.

Note: There is USD1.00 monthly maintenance fees customer need to bear.

What to do if a cash machine (ATM) doesn’t give you money or swallows your Mocaz Card?

Please contact us via Live Chat or e-mail to [email protected] to log the report. Details needed are your full name, username, Mocaz Card Number, ATM Bank Name, ATM Branch Location, time and date along with reference number if available. You are advisable to try another ATM machines. Please be informed that it may takes 5 to 7 working days for investigation and balance can be retrieve about a month.

Note: This will depend on the response from the bank, it may take 14 working days to 1 month for bank to get back to us.

The reason why unable to withdraw might be because of per month withdrawal limit is exceeded, wrongly select card’s feature on ATM, card damage, etc. If not because of the card problems, then it might be the bank problem. For example, currently only RHB bank in Malaysia is unable to withdraw money using UnionPay card, even though there is UnionPay sign on the ATM machine. This is because there are some issues between RHB bank and UnionPay. In this case, we shall advise the customer to look for other banks.

How do I make a Mocaz Card to Mocaz Card transfer?

First, you will need to send us the card-to-card transfer form with dully filled and signed. Please request for the form to our Live Chat personnel or email to [email protected]. Once the verification has been approved we will proceed with the transfer as per instruction given in the form. You will be notify once the transfer has been done. Please be informed that it may takes up to 3 – 5 working days depend on the information provided and approval.

How long does my Mocaz Card will be activated once ordered?

Once money loaded in the card, the card is activated. Minimum per load is USD10.

Is there any charges if I want to withdraw my money at ATM machine?

Yes, USD3.40 per transaction as agreed between.

Will there be a notification send to me if my Mocaz Card do not contain enough money?

No notification will be send. You need to check via online at website for the balance. (Omnipay Asia)

What security features does Mocaz Card possesses? Is there any other security features other than PIN number?

No, only PIN number required for withdrawal and access into website.

Why I cannot withdraw from ATM machine? I have already activated and reload the card.

This might occur due to some error at the ATM machine. Recommended ATM bank machines are Maybank, CIMB Bank and Hong Leong Bank.


What is RealTrader Community (RTC)?

RealTrader Community (RTC) is a social trading ecosystem whereby user can create social profile, interact with other user to discuss, share and learn trading ideas, strategies and utilize the collective wisdom of many to make a better judgment in related to financial markets. RTC is designed to let you discover trading ideas, showcase your talents to a large and active community of traders.

It is a gateway for public interest to tap into the biggest financial market liquidity which is estimated to worth $1.2 Quadrillion the size. With RTC, user can perform autocopy trading which allow user to mirror the consistent winning traders. The advanced statistics features designed to analyze various statistical metrics to evaluate traders’ performance in real time. You can finally have a quick access to our innovative financial charting tools which make easier for users to analyze the market and share it with the network.

How to get started using RealTrader Community (RTC)?

  1. Update your Social Profile by fill in your identification details and view your Investable Attributes to examine your trading competency.
  2. Users are encouraged to upload your profile photo, update your trading experience, share your trading strategy and your favorite trading quote. It best to promote as humanly as possible social ecosystem while promoting your social credibility and trust.
  3. Social Wall is where you can publish your thoughts, comments and share articles of current market updates. Like, Comment, Share and Follow with other users through real-time posting updates.
  4. Choose your preferable Trader at the “Trader” tab and get connected.
  5. Advance Statistics is the statistical visualization to represent the overall traders’ and investors’ performance.
  6. Lists of Trader’ portfolios can be viewed at Portfolio which comprises one or multiple trading account to be autocopied.
  7. Chart is the interactive view-only web-based chart use to assist the trading analysis. Easy and intuitive for beginner yet powerful enough for advanced chartists. Snapshot function, drawing tools and real-time live quote data.
  8. User can now simply search for other users or symbols at “Search” bar provided.

What does Investor and Trader mean?

The term Investor (also known as Follower) refers to who AutocopyTrade® a Trader. The term Trader (also known as Manager) refers to an authorized Trader who can be autocopied by Investor.

Google Authenticator

What is Google Authenticator (Two-Factor Authentication)?

Google Authenticator is a mobile security application based on two-factor authentication that helps to verify user identities before granting them access to SmartVault. When you enable your Google Authenticator, you add an extra layer of security to your account.

How to activate my Google Authenticator?

  1. Login to your SmartVault and go to “My Profile”. Then, click on “Security” and choose your smartphone Operating System (OS) for Google Authenticator download direction.
  2. Once you have download the Google Authenticator, you have to scan the barcode given and please enter the passcode given in the required field and click “Submit”.
  3. Next, click “Done” to end the process.
  4. Then logout from your SmartVault and re-login to activate your GA code.

Is it compulsory to activate my Google Authenticator?

No, but it is advisable for your to have it, in order to ensure an extra level of security when you sign in to SmartVault and do any changes from either of your devices - computer or mobile.

What is the purpose of this Google Authenticator?

It is designed to help prevent unauthorised users from accessing your account with just a stolen password.

What if I want to continue using the TAC?

Yes, you can since all account is by default will be using TAC as their main option of security.

Is it possible to change from Google Authenticator back to usual TAC?

Yes, you can just login to your SmartVault and go to “My Profile”. Then, click on “Security” tab, choose SMS option and Submit. Logout your SmartVault and re-login to see the changes.

My phone just got stolen. How can I get my Google Authenticator to login my SmartVault?

Please immediately contact our Live Chat support or send us an email at [email protected] to reset your Google Authenticator function. Once the function has been reset, you will login to your SmartVault by using the password only.

I have few smartphones, can I have the Google Authenticator application in all of my smartphones?

No, you cannot as Google Authenticator application is only applicable for one smartphone per SmartVault. However, if you have registered with few of SmartVault accounts, you can use your Google Authenticator (in one smartphone) for all of your accounts.

I have a new phone, what if I want to move the Google Authenticator to my new phone?

  1. Please contact our Live Chat support or send to us an email at [email protected] to reset your Google Authenticator.
  2. Then, login to your SmartVault and go to “My Profile”. Click on “Security” and choose your smartphone OS for setup instruction.
  3. Once you have scan the barcode according to your smartphone type, please enter your code in the required field and click “Submit”.
  4. Next, click “Done” to end the process.
  5. You will have to logout from your SmartVault and re-login to activate your GA code.

How to deactivate the Google Authenticator?

Please contact our Live Chat support or send to us an email at [email protected] to reset your Google Authenticator. Once you has reset your Google Authenticator, it will be deleted from your SmartVault Login page.


What type of credit/debit card can be processed by RegularPay?

We only accept Visa and MasterCard at the moment.

How to deposit funds using Credit/Debit Card?

Kindly log into your SmartVault account and click on Deposit. Choose RegularPay as your deposit method and fill in the details before Submit the request. You will then be directed to the RegularPay page to continue with your transaction.

Do you charge any fees for deposit via credit/debit card?

Yes. For deposit below than USD100, you will be charged with 4.8% + USD 0.50 fee. For example, if you deposit with USD20, the fee will be automatically deducted from the amount and you will receive USD 18.54 in your SmartVault. However, for deposit above than USD100, the fee will be absorbed by Mocaz.

How long my fund will be credited into my SmartVault?

The deposit is usually credited to MyVault within 24 hours. If your deposit is not credited to your SmartVault within 24 hours of your transaction submission, please contact us via live chat or send us a ticket to [email protected]

What is the minimum amount of deposit via credit/debit card?

The minimum amount to deposit via credit/debit card is USD20.

What is the maximum amount of deposit via credit/debit card?

The maximum amount to deposit via credit/debit card is USD5000

Why is my Credit/Debit Card deposit being declined?

There are a number of reasons for the declination of your credit/debit card. You may have reached your daily transaction limit or exceeded the card's available credit/debit card. Another reason is that you might have entered an incorrect digit for the card number, expiry date or CVV code, kindly verify that these are correct. Kindly make sure that your card is valid and has not expired. Finally, kindly double check with the issuer to make sure that your card has been authorized for online transaction and no any protection settings that is preventing us from charging it.

How to withdraw via credit/debit card?

To send us your withdrawal request, please log into your SmartVault, click on Withdrawal tab button on the sidebar and choose RegularPay method. Our Finance Department will receive your request and proceed within 24 hours timeline.

What are the costs involved in withdrawing using credit/debit card?

There will be a fixed fee USD10 for withdrawal purposes and it will be deducted directly by the Banks from the amount requested to be transferred. However, if the withdrawal amount exceeds USD100, Mocaz Financial Market will absorb the fee.

What is the minimum amount of withdrawal for credit/debit card?

The minimum amount for withdrawal is USD11. However, considering that the fees will be charged by other Banks involved in the withdrawal process, the request of a withdrawal for a sensible amount is available.

Is there any maximum amount for withdrawal via credit/debit card?

No, the maximum amount to withdraw will be your previous total deposit amount using credit/debit card. For example, if you have deposited with the total of USD 500, therefore the maximum amount you may have to withdraw is USD500.

How long my withdrawal fund will be credited to my bank account?

Withdrawals by credit/debit card are usually processed within 1 working day and may take approximately 5 to 7 working days to appear on your statement due to banking system.

I have an issue to make a withdrawal via Local Depositor. I used to make the deposit via Local Depositor, Credit/Debit Card and all methods available. How should I proceed now and what is the process?

In this case, you will have to clear all the deposit amount previously made via E-Currency method (Neteller/Credit/Debit Card). Once complete, you may make a withdrawal request through Local Depositor. The exact amount that need to be deducted for each E-Currency method can be calculated based on your Transaction History in your SmartVault.

Can I use any third party credit/debit card to deposit using RegularPay?

Please avoid using the third party account as your transaction will be rejected and your funds will be refunded with the fees that will charge to you.