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Frequent Asked Question (FAQ)

These FAQs cover the list of questions that are asked most often from our clients. Our team of experts redefines our clients’ evolution by providing an interactive enquiries’ platform to answer your questions.

If you have any enquiries that are not addressed in the FAQs, you may contact us for further clarification. Please note that these FAQs are subject to change according to current update(s).



What licenses does Mocaz have?
We are governed by the following types of license:

Mocaz Financial Markets Limited (SVG) registered as an International Broker Company to provide brokerage, training and managed account services in currencies, commodities, indexes, CFDs and leveraged financial instruments. (Registration number 23265 IBC 2016)

What kind of services does Mocaz provide?
Mocaz is an international forex trading firm dealing in over-the-counter (OTC) forex transaction via a trading platform. Mocaz facilitates deposit and withdrawal through our unique e-wallet system; SmartVault.

What is your Mocaz GMT offset?
The company’s server time is currently set to GMT +3 Hours which is according to MT4 time.

When is trading available?
Trading begins on Sunday 01:00 server time and ends on Friday, 23:59 server time. Information about the trading schedule and holidays is published in the Mocaz’s Newsfeed section.

When is technical support available?
Our technical support is currently available in 3 languages and operates from Monday – Friday 03:00 – 22:00 and Sunday 15:00 – 19:00 GMT+8.

Does Mocaz offer training for the trader?
We do not provide any training and any events which related to trading activity.

SmartVault and Account Security

How do I open a SmartVault and an account trading?
SmartVault acts as an intermediary wallet between the process of funding to the transferring your capital to your trading account. It serves as a valuable risk management tool.

How do I open a SmartVault and account trading?
Please follow the steps below:

On the Mocaz website, click Register. You are required to complete the registration form by filling up all necessary account information
Verification for email will be sent to your registered email.
Once your email verification succeeds, you will be redirected to the SmartVault.
Select “Open Trading Account” to open up a trading account.

I can’t sign in to my SmartVault. What can I do?
Please be sure that the username you are using is properly filled and the password registered is correct. Or else, please feel free to reset the password here. If in any way you believe your username is incorrect, please contact our Support Team on LiveChat.

Which email address and phone number did I use to register?
Please direct this question to our Support Team. You will need to provide your username and security question.

I did not receive a TAC SMS message. What can I do?
Below is the possible solution to address the issue:

Be sure that you enter the phone number in international format beginning with “+” and the country code.
Wait for a few minutes after the changes affected and try to Re-Login your SmartVault before you request for a new TAC SMS message.
If the problem persists, try to turn off your smartphone.
Try to clear your browser’s cache and cookie files and try again. You could also try using a different browser
If in any way you think the problem still unresolved, please contact our Support Team for technical assistance.

I did not receive an email during account registration. What should I do?
Below is the possible solution to address the issue:

Please verify that the email address you entered during account registration is correct.
Please check your “Spam” inbox.
If in any way you believe the problem still unresolved, please contact our Support Team for further technical assistance.

How to verify my SmartVault?
To verify your SmartVault account, please log in to your SmartVault and click to “Verify SmartVault” on the tab at navigation bar. You are required to upload your copy of identification card or passport and proof of residence.

How long does it take to verify a new SmartVault?
It takes a 1-2 business day to verify your account after you submitted the required supporting documents. If you do not receive any reply within three working days, please email us at [email protected]

Can I open multiple SmartVault accounts?
Yes, you can but with different phone number and email.

Funding & Processing

How can I make a deposit to my trading account?
You may choose between the options provided by Mocaz for funding method. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the supported payment system and conditions for “Deposits and Withdrawal” section under your SmartVault.

For further inquiries regarding the supported payment system and conditions, feel free to LiveChat with us.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts of the initial deposit?
The minimum initial deposit for each account type can be found here whereby the maximum deposit depends solely upon the payment method you use.

What is the minimum amount of replenishing your trading account?
Replenishing your trading account depends on the account type you made the deposit. Please check here for further clarification.

How long will it take the fund to be credited to my trading account? How much is the commission charged?
The time taken for the funds to be credited to the client account depends on the funding method used when making a deposit. A detailed description of the commissions charged and processing time can be found here.

How do I make a deposit using wire transfer?
In order to make a deposit using wire transfer, you need to click the “Payment and Transfer” section of your SmartVault and select “Bank Transfer”.

Why do I wire transferred my fund to a foreign bank?
Mocaz is governed by financial services authorities overseas. We have clients from all over the world. To facilitate seamless funds transfer for all our international clients not encumbered by currency controls (to avoid any dealing in RINGGIT or any currency affected by domestic currency control), it is more appropriate for Mocaz to operate bank accounts in certain foreign domiciles.

How long does it take for the withdrawal fund to be available to the bank account?
The time required to withdraw funds from your trading account depends on the withdrawal method. A detailed description can be found here.

Please note that, as deposit require you to fund to SmartVault before transferring to the trading account, the withdrawal process also following the same process which is you need to withdraw the fund from the trading account to SmartVault before proceed with the withdrawal process.

I made a deposit but the funds were not credited to my trading account. What can I do?
For certain funding methods of making a deposit, it takes some processing time to credit the funds to your trading account. You can review the processing time here or contact our LiveChat for transaction status.

Can I deposit and withdraw funds on holidays and on weekends when the market is closed?
Yes, of course. You can make deposits or withdrawals on non-business days but it may take up to 24-48 hours for processing time.

Am I allowed to withdraw my funds to a foreign bank?
Due to International Anti Money Laundering laws (AML), you are only permitted to withdraw your funds via your original method of funding only. For example, if you are an Australian trader living in Australia with a USD account in Singapore with OCBC (foreign bank to you) and you used this bank to fund your trading account, it is permittable. You cannot subsequently withdraw to another bank account regardless of the location.

Can I withdraw funds when I have open positions in my trading account?
Yes, but your withdrawal cannot exceed your free margin. If you have an insufficient margin at the time of the withdrawal, the withdrawal will be rejected.

If I deposit funds into the account via a payment method A, can I withdraw funds via other payment method B?
Yes, you can.

Do you charge any fees for deposit & withdrawal?
Yes. For deposit & withdrawal via Credit/Debit card below than $100, you will be charged 4.8% + USD0.50. For deposit via Local bank transfer, you will be charged 3%. However, deposit via bank wire and e-currency, you may incur fees depending on your selection of bank and merchant of e-currency that you choose

Can I use any third-party identity to deposit or withdraw my fund?
Please avoid using any third-party identity (different with your verified identity) to perform any banking transaction.


How can I calculate the margin?
Lots x Contract size x exchange rate / Leverage

For example, for Standard accounts of 300:1 leverage with a client executed 0.10 lot of EurUsd at the price of 1.1323, the calculation will be

0.10 X 100,000 x 1.1323 / 300 = USD37.74

How is the trading volume calculated for an account?
An account’s trading volume is the sum of all the transaction closed on the account, expressed in USD. Trading volume accounts for both directions required to close a transaction, i.e. the operations to open and close the transaction.

The transaction volume is determined using the formula:

Lot x Contract size; for example, in order to buy 1 lot of EURGBP and then closed it with an order to sell 1 lot of EURGBP with the EURUSD exchange rate at 1.1323

The transaction volume at opening is 1.00 lot x 100,000 = 100,000 Eur; USD135,000

The transaction volume at closing is 1.00 lot x 100,000 = 100,000 Eur; USD135,000

Consequently, the volume of both transaction is USD270,000

What are the trading commissions when trading with Mocaz?
No commission is paid for forex trading in “Micro” and “Standard” account. However, a commission is calculated in proportion to the volume of a trade operation based on the following USD30 per 1 million USD of trading volume for “ECN” account. The commission is charged when a transaction is opened for both directions the transaction (round turn).

Will I obligate to reimburse funds if my transaction closes with a negative balance?
If your account has a negative balance after closing positions, the trading account balance is adjusted to zero. Thus, it absolutely impossible for you to find yourself in a situation where you have incurred losses greater than the funds in your trading account or obligated to reimburse a negative balance.

How do I get my account trading statement?
A full month of a trading report is sent to clients via email on the first day of the month following the reporting month.

Can I unsubscribe from the daily and monthly trading statement?
To end delivery of the daily and monthly reports for a specific account, contact our Support Team and provide your account number and security answer. Report delivery will be disabled within 24 hours.

Can I delete my trading account?
To delete your trading account, simply contact our Support Team and provide your account trading credential for the technical assistance.

How many trading accounts allow to register?
Each ONE SmartVault user only entitled to register a total of up to TEN trading account only.

How can I change my account trading password?
Account trading password for MT4 can be changed by the following steps:


Login to your MT4 account using the password provided to your registered email.
Select “Tools” on top of the navigation bar.
Select “Options” and finally select “Server”
You need to provide your old MT4 trading account password before proceeding to change a new password.

Why does my Micro account change to Standard account?
Any Micro account holder which its percentage growth exceeds 500%, we will switch the account to Standard without any prior notice. This is the policy of our company.

When will Mocaz provide MT5?
We will keep on update with our clients if there are any changes, introduction of new technologies and matters that necessary. You may check our Mocaz’s News Feed for the latest update on company news.

How to set up EA and Script?
Please follow the following steps:

Launch your MT4 platform.
Make sure to store your EA /indicator file under the “Experts” folder installed on your computer drive.
Look for the “Expert Advisor” under the navigation bar and click on the “+” sign
Click on the EA you want to install and drag onto one of the charts on your platform.
Why my historical chart data is not updated?
Historical chart data is depending on the timeframe that you viewing. For the daily timeframe, for example, the data is up from 1970. If you found any charts which lack any historical data, please contact us via LiveChat.


How do I become a Partner?
All clients of Mocaz automatically and immediately become our partners after registering a trading account and receiving a referral link, with which they can use to sign up their own clients.

This link is on the SmartVault under the “My Commission Area” → “Marketing Tools” and it looks like this:


After a trader follows your referral link and opens a trading account, he or she will automatically be designated as one of your signed-up clients. Additionally, your newly signed-up client’s commission will be deposited for every transaction performed by each of your signed-up clients.

In order to become an Introducing Broker of Mocaz, you will need to send the application to [email protected]

For further information regarding our Introducing Broker partnership, please click here.

What is a referral?
Referral is the introducer agents who introduced you to our services.

How do I change my referral?
In order to change your referral, it is necessary to contact our LiveChat with your request. This will require that you provide your account number and security answer.

Our Support team will contact you regarding this matter.

How do I find out who is my referral?
In order for you to find out your referral identity, you need to contact our LiveChat.

How to attract new clients?
There is various marketing tools and merchandise provided by Mocaz. Please contact your referral Introducer Broker for merchandise or contact our LiveChat.

How can I register a client using my referral link?
To do this, you need to provide the client with your referral link. This link can be found in your SmartVault.

Any client who uses your referral link to get to the Mocaz website and open a trading account will be automatically assigned as one of your signed-up clients and his/her account number will appear in the list of clients in your SmartVault, in the “My Commision Area” tab.

The affiliate for trades performed by your signed-up clients will be accrued in your partner account as soon as they fund their accounts and start trading. If your client used the referral link for a specific trading account during registration, the affiliate will be deposited into the account indicated in the referral link.

Where can I see my clients who registered through my referral link?
Unfortunately, our current SmartVault system doesn’t provide a schematic client’s network structure.

How to calculate my affiliate commission?
Our affiliate commission is paid in a multi-tier network scheme. Our affiliate agent entitled to earning up to 0.7pips for every trade executed within your 3-level network. The tier level distributes as per below:

Traded value is calculated by the following formula:

*Pips earning x Traded trades executed = commission

* Depending on your client tier level

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